Oak Ridge Community Center, Inc.

Proud Sponsor of the Oakridge Easter Horse Show.

Press Release February 5, 2013

The Oak Ridge Community Center today announced that it has approved a four point plan recommended by the Oak Ridge Horseshow Committee:

  1. The sponsorship of the Oak Ridge Horseshow be suspended for 2013
  2. The Oak Ridge Horseshow committee further explore the availability of suitable site for the 2014 horseshow in Oak Ridge.
  3. The Horseshow committee will gauge volunteer support and financial sponsorships for show and assess the feasibility of holding a 2014 horse show.
  4. If the Committee is unable to demonstrate availability of a suitable site in Oak Ridge and/or the economic feasibility of holding such show, the committee will make recommendation on winding down activities and directing funds to other charitable purposes.

According to Chairman of the Oak Ridge Community Center Board, Bill Newman, “Following the loss of the show site in Oak Ridge in 2004, and the subsequent relocation of the show to Summerfield, we have experienced dwindling participation, attendance and volunteer and financial support as well as higher site costs, insurance and operating expenses. As a result, the show has been unable to produce sufficient operating profits to fund its charitable contributions. Cost cutting and financial support from our long time supporters are no longer enough to ensure the long term survival of the show. We need to re think the entire concept.”

According to Horseshow Chair Sharon Smith “The Horseshow has served this community well over the past 68 years. It provided voluntary support of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a primarily aggressive community which did not rely upon taxes for community amenities. Today taxes provide the funding for town amenities and the community has changed into a bedroom suburb of Greensboro. If the Community chooses not to support the horseshow and its traditions, it too will go the way of tobacco farms, horse farms and truck farms which once defined the way of life in Oak Ridge. We will make that determination this year.”

Those interested in the Oak Ridge Horse Show should contact:

All Correspondense to PO box 483 Oak Ridge NC 27310.

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Show Winners 2011

PHA Cooler Winners - Friday

Division   Rider   Horse
Western Champion   Kasey Smith   Ima Obvious Cowboy
Reserve Champion   Claire Hyder   Rex
English Champion   Carrie O’Byrne   Life of Crimes
Reserve Champion   Emma Cole   Mr. Suntan Demand

PHA Cooler Winners - Saturday

Division   Rider   Horse
Western Champion   Steve Nelson   Chocolate Chip Dough
Reserve Champion   Sara Bowen   Wall Street Woman
English Champion   Maggie McDonald   Too Cool To Count
Reserve Champion   Ivy Teesont   Sweet N Glo

Hunter Jumper Cooler Winners

Division   Rider   Horse
Horse   Whyte Carter   Dose of Reality
Pony   Bayley Walch   Shamrocks Lucky Charm

Mini Horse Cooler Winners

Division   Rider   Horse
Child   Shelly Berge   From the Heart Center Stage
Adult   Brittany Mitchel   RR’s Splash of Honey
Horse   Lauren Talbert   Humhill Chasing the Heavens

Draft Pull - Light Weight

  Sponsor   Rider   Location
1 Sam & King   Todd Kaine   Wendell, NC
2 Rip & Rock   Dan Jordan   Taylorsville, NC
3 Mike & Ike   Odell Coley   Statesville, NC
4 Ben & Hank   Neal Hutton   Marion, VA

Draft Pull - Heavy Weight

  Sponsor   Rider   Location
1 Doc & Jed   Phipps & Estep   Huntingtown, MD
2 Rock & Davey   Judas Boiling   Versailles, ID
3 Jack & Todd   Ira Green   Lenoir, NC
4 Ted & Charlie Brow   Neal Hutton   Marion, NC

Muttin Bustin Winners

Place   Rider   Location
1st   Alex Puffenbeger   Reidsville, NC
2nd   Lacas Moore   Reidsville, NC
3rd   Ethan Beville   Reidsville, NC
4th   Avery Tickle   ---------------
5th   Nickolas Moore   Reidsville, NC
6th   Abby Waters   Summerfield, NC
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Vivian Kisstoth




Jordan Chandler




Jose Tapia II





Michelle Cleveland


Greg Shepherd


Brittany Larson


Brianna Connelly


Grace Willard


Evan Turner & Joey Connelly


Jason Smith


Erin Graham & Scott Turner


Jessica Yanusz


Jeri Morehead


Chris Shepherd